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Weddings need to celebrate the really like of two individuals, not the volume of things that is on display. The working day should be centered on celebrating the really like of the newlyweds. Use these ideas to make certain you remain centered on what is really meaningful about your wedding ceremony.

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Today, my wife Becky and I celebrate 19 years of marriage together. Knock-on-wood, we have avoided becoming one of the negative statistics and have managed to find true joy, trust, and peace in our union!What makes a successful marriageWith that said, I get asked all the time what makes a successful marriage, or in other words, how do you guys do it?
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Not all know that some historians trace the origin of the Inversion Therapy to Hippocrates who used some ropes and pulleys to hang a patient upside down to relieve back pain.At the end of the nineteenth century it appears the first real inversion device called “Roman Column”, although there are no information on how this device was really used.
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